Blocout Blinds

Blocout Blinds prevent the halo effect of regular blackout roller blinds. Regular blackout blinds allow light to seep around the window and around the window causing a halo effect.


The Cassette  head rail has a height of 60 mm at the front and a depth of 45 mm. The blinds with side rails/ side channels/tracks/frames are 40 mm wide. Hence the name Bloc 40. This blind can be stopped in any position anywhere down the window. It is a spring operated, with the fabric running down two side rails or side channels. A seal system on the bottom operating handle contacts the window sill blocking the light from entering. Pressing the handle in towards the window allows the blinds tho be pulled up or down in the direction wanted.  They are a practical solution for a child’s bedroom, bedrooms, home entertainment gaming room, or school where keeping the light at bay is a main factor. The blinds provide savings on heating bills.

Blinds Safety

The cassette blinds are cordless and are safe by design.


The frames and side rails- White, cream and silver and are made from aluminium.

Choice Of Fabrics

Available in an array of colours and patterns. The majority of fabrics have a white backing and these fabrics are solar reflective. The cheapest fabrics are in Band AB. The fabrics in these band are:-




Light Grey

Dark Grey

Delicate Cream


Jet Black


Soft Sky

As a matter of fact, although cheaper in price, equally important, the blinds are not cheaper in quality.

Take a look at these Blinds and if you need any further help, please contact us.