Selection Of Loft Blinds

Loft Blinds Milton Keynes to suit all types of loft windows or roof windows. In the first place, In Denmark, Velux built roof windows for skylights a number of years ago. Ever since, the company developed loft blinds to fit roof windows. Over the years sizes of Velux Blinds available on the market has gone from strength to strength.

An array of blinds, include blackout blinds, Duo Blinds, pleated blinds, Venetian Blinds as well as Roman Blinds. Equally, Velux produce, awnings, insect screens as well as electric blinds using solar power.

In addition, other companies, built a range of roof blinds compatible with Velux windows. The blinds fit Velux windows. Bloc Blinds, remain a key player, providing Velux compatible blinds. The blinds consists of blackout fabrics. Moreover, the company supply a Solar Velux Blinds.

Daksra & Rooflite Blinds

As of writing Dakstra Blinds as a company provide two blackout roof blinds.

Rooflite Blinds are made by Scandinavian company Rooflite.

Both Dakstra and Rooflite blinds utilise the same sizes for all blinds.

Even though both companies supply a limited range of blinds colours, Bloc Blinds supply a large range of plain in addition to pattern fabrics

to the attic windows.

Fakro Blinds

Situated in Poland Fakro had their beginnings in 1991. Ryszard Florek  co-founded the company making roof windows. With the company developing, the need for blinds to fit the loft windows grew.

Even though other companies supply blinds to fit Fakro windows, we have found using genuine Fakro Blinds made by Fakro best of all.

The Fakro Blinds fit the Fakro windows perfectly. Other alternative Fakro suppliers often allow light to seep through the blind. As a result, a blackout blind does not bloc out all the light.

Skylight Blind Links

Various Skylight Loft companies are closely related to each other

A range of skylight accessories available for each roof blind.

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