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Free Hanging Pleated Blinds For Conservatories Or Any Room

What Are Free Hanging Pleated Blinds

Free hanging pleated blinds use a pull cord and a cord lock. The two items enable the blind to raised and lowered in any position. The cord lock can be on the left or the right.

Moreover, minimum depth for recess fit is 25 mm. It ensures the head rail clear any obstructions.

Another key point includes raising and lowering the blind regularly. Hence, keeping the pleats in good order,

NB The width of the fabric is the same size as the rail without the end caps. Minimum overhang is 5 mm on either side.

Another key point, small holes are visible. In particulars, where the cords connecting the the pleats that operate the blind will be seen. As a result, light will enter through the small holes.

If you plan to hang several blinds side by side, there will be a gap of 10 mm approximately between the blinds.

Please order a sample to check for colour and fabric suitability.

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